Транспортно-экспедиционные услуги Новороссийск

Transport forwarding is a relatively young type of activity for modern Russian logistics. Until the end of the 80s of the last century, the work of forwarders was not regulated by standard documentation. Active development of freight forwarding services began after the country’s transition to a market economy. At this time, there is a need to legally regulate the functions of the TEC. Currently, one of the main documents on which freight forwarding relies is GOST R 52298-2004.
For a client, ordering forwarding services in parallel with transport brings numerous benefits, in particular:

  • accuracy and timeliness of the contract;
  • comprehensiveness and security of confidential information;
  • guarantee of safety and security of transported goods.

The peculiarity of forwarding work is that it initially introduces some complexity into the harmonious chain “sender – carrier – receiver”. Freight forwarding services involves a special type of legal relationship based on a freight forwarding agreement.

Forwarding services:

Our company “Sapa Shipping” can qualitatively perform forwarding services:

  1. Customs clearance
  2. Customs transit
  3. Forwarding cargo
  4. Sea freight
  5. Container shipping
  6. Cargo reloading
  7. Customs transit in Novorossiysk

What are forwarding services?

First of all, this is a very competent choice of container, car for transportation, proper preparation and paperwork, obtaining permits that are appropriate for cargo, planning the transportation route, cargo insurance will be important for many, because we understand that there is minimal risk and some want to guarantee compensation for damages in unforeseen situations. Determination of the mode of transportation: sea transportation, either by car, by rail or container transportation.

And the most important stage of freight forwarding services is the escort of cargo throughout the entire journey. Moreover, constant informing about its location is important for those who wish to receive the cargo in a certain period and are thoroughly preparing for its prompt clearance. When ordering this type of service, we undertake to deliver the cargo as soon as possible and provide maximum comfort to the client and inevitably service in the field of freight forwarding services.

Forwarding services in Novorossiysk

Rendering freight forwarding services in Novorossiysk – provided by our company are based on many years of experience and close ties with many related companies and port workers.
Thanks to close ties, we do our work quickly and go the best way, which of course has a positive effect on the results. Many of our clients have already positively appreciated our achievements and moreover remain our clients for many years. This fact proves our success in the forwarding field.

Our experts in a conversation with a new customer often hear about the unpleasant experience of the client carriage or clearance, because they turned to firms that have dishonestly taken their duties and the client suffers and he has an unpleasant experience, after which it is difficult to determine and trust his cargo. But by contacting us, you can completely cast away doubts and make sure of the successful outcome of the freight forwarding services ordered from us. If you want to know more, you can go to the contact section and write to us about the intention to communicate and make a reservation. And if you want to know the approximate cost of forwarding services, you can fill out the form on the right and send it for consideration to us. After some time, you will be answered by our expert will inform you.

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