Экспедирование в порту Новороссийск

Transport companies offer customers a list of additional service activities that facilitate and optimize the organization of cargo transportation. Forwarding refers specifically to such services. The transported products throughout the entire route are controlled by a specialist. At the same time, at the request of the client, insurance is issued. Especially appropriate support and insurance for the delivery of valuable goods and oversized cargo. The forwarder oversees the goods, fulfilling his duties in accordance with the clauses of the contract. He may be charged with loading and unloading, paperwork, customs clearance. In extreme situations, the attendant promptly transfers information to the client, coordinating with him a change in the logistics scheme. As a result, downtime at customs posts is eliminated, the time of cargo transportation is reduced due to a well-built route chain.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding serves as an important stage in the field of trade operations by various large companies. The main purpose of the provision of cargo escort services is the organization of the full safety of the cargo and its integrity. The process of cargo transportation consists of constant monitoring and tracking the movement of cargo.

Forwarding in Novorossiysk is an important and integral part of customs clearance. At present, there are many gaps, both in legislation and in the management system of the port and customs. Such moments complicate any work aimed at forwarding. Port of Novorossiysk is not an exception for many companies, because it is not always possible to predict the further course of events connected with the independent freight forwarding.

The service of transport forwarding – contains a set of activities, the basis of which is cargo transportation, namely the full registration of documents and escort of goods. Cargo transportation and forwarding are organized by a number of highly qualified employees who have gained useful experience over many years.

Advantages of transport freight forwarding

Correctly organized transport freight forwarding can significantly reduce costs for the most cargo transportation and significantly reduces the delivery time. An experienced carrier, as a rule, provides in advance the worked out scheme for freight forwarding of the company: consulting services, customs services, payment of taxes, settlement of issues with customs services, declaration of goods and various organizational and operational moments. Dense work of the freight forwarder and the client lasts throughout the expedition and delivery of the goods, as they say from start to finish. The forwarding agent at this stage is the responsible person and the organizer, capable to make the correct decision on operative questions. The client, in turn, can safely trust the professionals and calmly watch the progress of the delivery of the goods.

The procedure for freight forwarding is divided into the main components:

  1. The search for vehicles for trucking – based on the parameters of your cargo: dimensions, physical properties, delivery time and other important features, the freight forwarder selects the necessary special equipment for successful delivery of the goods. Here you must understand how important it is to know the type of cargo, its weight, volume and packaging in order to deliver the goods intact.
  2. Creating the optimal route is part of the logistics, which includes planning the route of cargo movement, which is especially important when the time for delivery of goods is minimally short. So the route is designed by the forwarding company.
  3. Procedure for issuing documents – the forwarding company assumes the responsibility for the preparation of all the documentation necessary for the transport of goods to the destination. This service is the main one in the entire process of freight forwarding in the port, as well as during the journey.

Thus, the forwarding company takes care of all the transportation and delivery of goods, including the complete execution of the package of documents, which means that the customer is relieved of issues related to the organization and maintenance of the goods. In the process of freight forwarding, the company uses a logistics scheme called multimodal, which involves several types of transport and cargo transportation routes.

In the process of forwarding, the freight forwarder solves the following issues:

  1. preparation and execution of documentation
  2. tracking the process of loading and unloading the goods
  3. monitoring the provision of warehouse services and choosing the best storage mode
  4. control of cargo preparation for its transportation, as well as monitoring of packing and marking of cargo
  5. choosing the best shipping route
  6. monitoring the safety of cargo and compliance with transportation conditions throughout the carriage
  7. constant tracking of cargo on the way

Forwarding in Novorossiysk

Our forwarding company LLC “Sapa Shipping” consists entirely of experienced workers and for more than 9 years has been providing high-quality freight forwarding and escort to Novorossiysk or to the address of the recipient. When carrying out freight forwarding work, our employees apply professional skills and connections with customs authorities for the optimal solution of all issues.

The company “Sapa Shipping” is located in the city of Novorossiysk and the office is located in close proximity to the port, so it is convenient for us to perform expedition work in the port of Novorossiysk regionally, which is a big plus and an operative approach to any situation. It turns out that in general, we are ready for various surprises and always solve all difficulties quickly and are always happy to offer you freight forwarding services.

The task of expedition as a whole to minimize the arising difficulties, for this the employees of our company carry out a huge work, which includes control, movement, exit of cargo from the customs control and forwarding zone in Novorossiysk. In this case, the service: freight forwarding port of Novorossiysk, provides full interaction with sea container lines, customs authorities and port staff. At the same time, our customers have the opportunity to obtain information about the process of passing the goods, a particular procedure. In fact, during the expedition our customers can find out the status of their cargo and track every movement, including internal forwarding – Port of Novorossiysk.

We take care of all the issues related to freight forwarding and release clients from a number of complex issues, thereby facilitating the many working moments that our client may encounter, especially those who do not have the skills or who want to get rid of this kind of work. Moreover, our specialists will always find a suitable option for the client and will make the process of freight forwarding the customer perfect. The port of Novorossiysk decides immediately a number of some questions on forwarding and customs clearance. With a professional approach, forwarding in Novorossiysk and the port allows you to save time, and most importantly to balance the transportation cost, which, together with the reduction in the transportation period, plays an important role. With this approach, service is a necessary component for every entrepreneur interested in safety and quality service.

We give customers confidence that the process of forwarding services in the port of Novorossiysk, and then the process of forwarding services in Novorossiysk, protects the customer from all problems with its cargo. they are quickly resolved before they occur. This indicates the professionalism of our team and each individual employee can be called an expert.

Our company LLC “Sapa Shipping” is chosen according to the following advantages:

  1. We always work in the interests of our client and stand up for his point of view
  2. The quality of the services provided and the transparency of the transaction
  3. Responsible approach to work
  4. Individual approach to the cost of services.

Clients of Sapa Shipping LLC always remain satisfied, because delivery of cargo takes place in real time and proper preservation. Our clients always boldly recommend us as reliable partners and honest performers, and we in turn value each of our customers and make every effort to best address all the issues of our dear customers. Having trusted us, you can safely shift the worries to our shoulders for the documentation and forwarding of the goods along the way of the cargo.

Forwarding types:

The company forwarder Sapa Shipping LLC provides a wide range of forwarding services in Novorossiysk. We can easily undertake the following types of forwarding:

  • forwarding of containers in Novorossiysk,
  • freight forwarding to Novorossiysk,
  • forwarding of dangerous goods to Novorossiysk,
  • forwarding of oversized cargo in Novorossiysk,
  • forwarding of container cargo in Novorossiysk.

The company “Sapa Shipping” LLC has been providing qualitative services for freight forwarding, sea freight, customs clearance, customs transit and container cargo transportation for more than 9 years. From our competitors we are distinguished by professionalism, scale and tariffs of work. We value our reputation and every day in practice we confirm the status of one of the best companies in Russia engaged in freight forwarding.

Sapa Shipping LLC – we are time-tested.

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