Таможенный транзита Новороссийск

Customs transit in Novorossiysk is a certain type of customs procedure. Our company arranges for customs transit at the port of Novorossiysk, and also deals with the clearance necessary for the delivery of goods both through the territory of the Customs Union and to other foreign countries, providing a full range of related related services at customers’ choice. In addition, the company produces internal customs transit (VTT).

The essence of customs transit is that, for example, internal customs transit (WT) allows you to transport imported goods in the country without paying customs duties. VTT allows you not to pay taxes, to use the application of prohibitions and restrictions in economic terms, which are established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Customs transit in Novorossiysk is also determined by the established rules of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Customs transit clearance at the port of Novorossiysk is a set of operations between FED participants, individuals and customs.

Customs procedure of customs transit in Novorossiysk

General customs transit and customs transit in Novorossiysk is interpreted in Article 215 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union and is defined as the “customs procedure, according to which goods are transported under customs control in the customs territory of the customs union, including through the territory of a state that is not a member of the customs union, from the customs office of departure to the customs office of destination without paying customs duties and taxes, using prohibitions and restrictions, with the exception of non-tariff and technical regulation. ”

For all customers of Sapa Shipping LLC, the company provides professional customs clearance services that determine high-quality VTT, flawless customs transit in Novorossiysk and expedited customs clearance at the port of Novorossiysk. Our experts will offer the most convenient working conditions for you. You will always be aware of what stage the cargo is in the port of Novorossiysk, and you will be able to control all movements associated with your goods or cargo.

Working with Sapa Shipping is the key to success in cleaning the goods at the border and transporting them to the recipient. You can use other services provided by our company to your customers or also consult our specialists on questions you have. Our company employs only professional specialists who responsibly approach their duties. During transit, our transit declarant will correctly execute all the necessary documents.

Relocation of transit cargo in Novorossiysk

Goods arriving at the port are delivered to the customer’s warehouse or reloaded, truck, railway wagon. The reloading of transit cargo in Novorossiysk is carried out promptly and with the best quality, thanks to the experienced staff of the company. The transport company performs the following operations:

  • picks up the vehicle;
  • checks the packaging for reliability;
  • prepares documentation;
  • controls the loading and unloading operations.

The customs broker organizes comprehensive measures for the transshipment of customs cleared products for the MTT and VTT procedures. These procedures can significantly reduce the process of customs clearance and financial costs. Cargo can be delivered to a specific customs point, which is most convenient for the cargo owner. In addition, it is possible to arrange for the cleaning to be carried out by the end customer.

Customs transit through Russia

Russia, like other states, protects its territory from illegal goods. TT allows import to enter the Russian regions legally, but under supervision, and proceed further to the place of unloading. The procedure is subject to a single algorithm of actions. Mandatory filing of the declaration, the provision of other documentation.

When carrying out TT in the process of transporting vehicles, the vehicle undergoes radiation and weight control, verification of documents. After that, the goods are placed under the TPTT. Customs transit through Russia is carried out with the obligatory presentation of a declaration, in which transport or commercial documentation can be accepted. It is the carrier’s responsibility to deliver the goods to the destination established by customs. In addition, he must ensure the safety of the goods, preventing its transshipment, transshipment to other vehicles.

If several types of vehicles carry freight, the responsibility for their delivery lies with the declarant. In case of non-delivery of the goods to the point indicated by the customs authorities, the person who accepted them for transportation must provide the customs with information about this. Full and partial non-delivery of transported products entails liability in accordance with the laws of the country in the territory of which the transit procedure is carried out. When transporting by rail, the railway carrier is responsible for this.