Контейнерные перевозки в порту Новороссийск

Container shipping is the process of moving goods using standard reusable containers in the form of a container. There are two types of such delivery: multimodal and direct. The main advantage of containerization is that it saves time in loading and unloading goods. Cargo modules can be installed on sea, road, rail and air transport. Most often, cargo transportation in containers is ordered by participants in foreign economic activity. Multimodal schemes are beneficial for the delivery of household goods, electronics, clothing, equipment from China and other countries. At the same time, transport companies offer a comprehensive service, including such services as loading and unloading, packaging and labeling, insurance, preparation and customs clearance, forwarding. Container transportation is relatively economical and is characterized by a high level of safety and security of products.

Container transportation in Russia has become highly demanded over the past two decades. This is primarily due to the fact that entrepreneurial activity is growing, more and more orders are received by large companies. Cargo transportation of containers in Russia is the most modern type of cargo transportation, for the delivery of which special containers are used. They have different capacities and sizes, but 20 and 40 feet containers are in demand. Such structures are installed on trains, ships and trailers. This service is especially in demand by large companies, both trade and manufacturing. However, representatives of medium-sized businesses often act as customers.

Distinguish delivery by type of transport: sea, rail, road. Since containers are almost universal, even hazardous industrial waste, explosive materials and substances can be transported there that can be dangerous to human life and health, as well as harm the environment, which already refers to the transportation of hazardous products. In recent years, road transportation of goods has become very popular due to the fact that trucks have good maneuverability. They can be submitted to any relatively accessible place, which makes it possible to provide a door-to-door service. This allows you to carry out cargo transportation throughout Russia. This is important and relevant, since not all areas have a railway connection. Moreover, the logistics of road delivery is more flexible and often more profitable than any other types of cargo transportation. It is also possible to create a prefabricated consignment and transport goods in small quantities. Such transportation takes a minimum amount of time, even over long distances.

There is a shortage of warehouses in Russia. Therefore, container shipping is distinguished by its advantage, since the need for warehouse space is significantly reduced. Another plus is that movers are not needed. There is a special crane that unloads. The process becomes more automated, which speeds up delivery.

A special type of transportation is refrigerated. The vehicle has an insulated body, which has a refrigerator to maintain the desired temperature. For such transportation, only new, well-equipped equipment is used, since in this case it is necessary to deliver perishable goods, meat, seafood, vaccines, medicines, beer, mushrooms, ice cream, etc.

Container transportation – Novorossiysk

Container transportation – Novorossiysk is carried out mainly in containers, because this container usually receives all imports arriving at the port of Novorossiysk. And Novorossiysk is the largest commercial port in the south of Russia. All Azov-Black Sea ports are of exceptional importance in the commodity and commercial activity of all of Russia. This is a huge transport and logistics outpost, the southern point of entry of goods into the country and the EAEU countries. The city is equipped with all the infrastructure needed to handle imports and exports.

Our company has been transporting containers in Novorossiysk for many years. Thanks to the vast experience in the port, all employees are well aware of the slightest nuances and details of transportation. Several types of services are available, for example, station to station, door to door. Tracking takes place using the GPS system. Competent design and operational work of the company allows you to reduce time, carry out delivery as soon as possible, and adapt to all customer requirements.

Foreign trade participants often resort to the use of reusable containers, establishing multimodal schemes that are beneficial for the delivery of household goods, clothing, electronics from China and many other countries. Containerization is extremely economical, sometimes convenient and safe for products.

We are engaged in the transportation of goods in containers for all types of transport and can deliver from anywhere in Russia and the world, while being responsible for escorting goods along the entire route.

Container transportation Krasnodar

Transportation in containers to Krasnodar has gained popularity due to the most optimal option for delivering your products from one point to another. One of the factors influencing the decision to transport by container type is the tariffs of our company. An important point is the convenience of delivery in containers, which is why they are considered today the most convenient way of transporting goods and have minimal risks for this type of movement.
Transportation services to Krasnodar, provided by our company, are made in modern and reliable containers. All containers are completely sealed and have standard dimensions, which ensures maximum comfort during work and transportation with them.

If you need container transportation services to Krasnodar, then this means that you need to transport any product from one country to another. But before ordering, you need to have information about your product, namely: its name, technical characteristics, dimensions of the consignment, weight, approximate date of departure, point of departure, port of departure, port of arrival, final point of delivery, hazard class (for dangerous goods ). In addition, before transporting products, you should know how the products will be delivered.

Container transportation in Russia

If you want to transport products and have information about the product, you can contact us to order services for container transportation in Russia or from another country. Well, if there is a need to order delivery by sea, then our company will be happy to help you carry out the operation of transporting a consignment to Novorossiysk from anywhere in the world to the recipient’s door.

Our company is a cargo carrier in Russia Sapa Shipping LLC provides the following services:

  • intra-port forwarding in port
  • registration of applications for export from the port
  • work with the shipping line (through which the container arrived)
  • repacking goods from container to car
  • return empty container
  • container delivery in customs transit mode at temporary storage warehouse (VTT)
  • cargo declaration
  • insurance of any products
  • product certification
  • veterinary and phyto-sanitary control
  • coordination on the movement of dangerous, oversized, heavy cargo
  • pre-weighing and pre-examination
  • amendments to accounting documents and bill of lading and others

Sapa Shipping LLC has customs carrier license , which allows customs transit, under customs control. A customs carrier license is issued against the security of a bank guarantee, thus our company has additional responsibility for the delivery of containers.

Cost of container transportation

The cost of container transportation consists of many factors and is calculated individually in each specific case. Experienced carriers can quickly determine the cost of transportation and correctly plan a route to avoid additional costs.

First of all, the type of transport affects the price of transportation. When containers are transported by sea, port dues and duties, bunker fuel, and freight are paid. There is a surcharge for dangerous goods. In particular, an additional fee is charged for the passage of ships through the Turkish Bosphorus. Transportation by road is more expensive but faster. The cost varies depending on the vehicle, weight and volume of cargo. For the most part, the tariffs are piece-rate, the more you load the car, the less you pay (there are limitations). Railroad carriers are monopolized by Russian Railways, so the tariffs are fixed. The customers are large resource tycoons and all those involved in the transportation of strategically important objects and goods. The farther it is transported, the higher the shipping cost.

For example, we can present the approximate cost of container transportation to Moscow, the cost of which may change slightly and rise in price over time, but for 2020 we fix the following price:

Novorossiysk – Moscow

  1. Transportation of a 20 ‘container without registration – 82 tr.
  2. Transportation of a 20 ‘container with registration – 87 tr.
  3. Transportation of a 40 ‘container without registration – 74 tr.
  4. Transportation of a 40 ‘container without registration – 78 tr.

This approximate calculation is provided with the condition that the weight of the cargo in the container is no more than 20 tons. That is, the price of container transportation of cargo can change only based on the condition of transportation of the container with your cargo.

If you want to know the cost of shipping a container more accurate, then make a request for the transportation of a container with your goods. You can contact us by phone, by email. email in the contacts section or by filling out and submitting the form on the right.

A big factor in the formation of the price is provided by the conditions of transportation: the type of container, weight, type of goods, whether the cargo is accompanied by a freight forwarder, whether it was insured, transit cargo or not, is delivered to the door or to a specific station. Dangerous goods and perishable goods are naturally more expensive. The presence of refrigerated trucks in containers significantly raises the price of the service. In addition, we must not forget about paying the salaries of two drivers.
The key point is where the container goes, the distance of the area from the available settlements. Thus, each city has its own price and it does not always depend on the mileage. For urgency, as a rule, there is an additional surcharge.

Sea container transportation

Sea container transportation is a procedure for the delivery of international cargo, in which foreign goods, when moving through the territory of the Customs Union, are transported without paying customs duties.

Transportation is the procedure for moving goods from one point to another. Moving products can be carried out by any type of transport, and if it is sea freight, then it is carried out by sea on ships called container ships. Customs delivery consists of complex stages of moving products between states, in which cargo transportation can be carried out by several ways of delivering goods.

Transportation is multimodal (combined) – this is cargo transportation carried out under one contract, in which several types of transport were involved. As a rule, this service includes:

  1. Sea container transportation
  2. Road transport
  3. Air Freight
  4. Railroad transportation

When transporting products, the carrier is responsible for the entire transfer process, regardless of who owns the transport.

Why choose container transportation of goods with us:

  1. Long-term experience
  2. Professionalism of employees
  3. Close cooperation with port terminals and sea container lines
  4. Efficiency of tasks execution
  5. Responsible work
  6. Individual approach
  7. Consulting support
  8. Cost and Risk Optimization
  9. Organization of a full range of services in terms of cargo transportation

In addition to cargo transportation in containers, our company provides a wide range of services expressed in turnkey integrated solutions and includes the following main areas: