Перетарка грузов в Новороссийске

The disadvantages of cargo repacking are well known to participants in foreign economic activity who specialize in trade in fragile goods. However, in some cases, overload cannot be dispensed with. It is especially necessary to repartition when moving products from the supplier’s cargo module to the customer’s container, as well as to optimize the placement of the consignment. In addition, the procedure may be required by customs for radiological, customs, phytosanitary control. The refueling is carried out in several stages. The cargo module is sealed, products are moved, inspected, recalculated, weighed, the container is closed and sealed again. During the event, if necessary, a video is taken. At the final stage, reporting documents are drawn up.

Reloading cargo in Novorossiysk

Cargo overloading is the transfer of goods from one vehicle to another. The main goal of the repackaging of goods is the optimization of expenses. When the question arises about cargo overtaking, the calculation is made for the transportation of cargo in a container and also the calculation for transportation in a truck, and then compared and on the basis of this conclusion is drawn about the need for repetition.

Why do I need to repatriate the goods?

Often, after the delivery of the container to the port of destination, the consignee of the goods is faced with the question: is it necessary to deliver the goods in a container or to load it into the vehicle? In order to know in which cases it is beneficial to re-take containers, you need to consider a number of advantages.

Advantages of re-entry of cargo:

 Transit cargo is needed in a number of cases:

  • when delivering perishable cargo, it should be understood that the ref.container is not connected and the temperature regime can of course be changed, which can affect the quality of the cargo.
  • when delivering oversized cargo. In this case, it is necessary to use a low-frame tractor to minimize the height of the cargo being carried.
  • when transporting over long distances. Usually, in this case, do not use the container to avoid over-the-normal risks for renting the container.
  • if the client wants to use their vehicles in order to reduce the cost of transportation.

Re-load services

The company “Sapa Shipping” offers services for the repackaging of any cargo, including oversized, perishable and general cargo. Experts of our company over a long period of work, over a thousand containers were handled, the quality of which can not but please the client and, accordingly, us. You can safely turn to us for help with re-entry of the goods and moreover, we offer a full range of cargo transportation services.

One type of re-packaging of containers is the repackaging of goods in the port – this is the repatchering of cargo during the customs transit procedure takes place in the territory of the ZTK or WUA (in the customs control zone) under customs supervision.

If you want to order services for re-goods, you can make a request in the contacts section, filling in the required fields and sending to us. We perform repetition strictly according to your desire on time. We always appreciate the desire of our client.

What information is needed for the cargo re-load service?

  • Vehicle type
  • type of packaging
  • pallets are used or not
  • dimensions of one place
  • cargo weight
  • total weight
  • Number of seats

Our company more than 9 years of quality provides services for cargo overtaking, customs transit, freight forwarding, customs clearance, sea freight and container freight. From our competitors we are distinguished by professionalism, scale and tariffs of work. We value our reputation and every day in practice we confirm the status of one of the best companies in Russia.

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