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Cargo declaration at customs is a set of measures that are carried out in the process of conducting foreign economic activity. No company specializing in the export or import of goods can do without customs clearance. Crossing state borders, products go through the stages of customs clearance, transportation and customs clearance. Customs clearance is carried out after the arrival of the goods at the customs point in the country of destination. The participant of foreign trade activities needs to generate a declaration, correctly identifying the HS codes, calculate and pay the due payments, go through the inspection or inspection procedure. This is done independently or with the help of a customs broker. A professional mediator will undertake the implementation of formalities, including declaration, classification, calculation of duties. When ordering a service, a potential customer needs to send an application. Then it will be necessary to draw up an agreement, provide the constituent documents of the business structure, full information about the cargo and other documentation.

Customs clearance in Novorossiysk

Customs clearance is the procedure for the movement and clearance of goods and / or transport across the customs border.

The process of customs clearance undergoes a different cargo and all goods passing through the customs border of the Customs Union, both for import to Russia and for export, regardless of the mode of transportation (automobile, sea, railway and other modes of transportation).

Customs clearance in Novorossiysk – is a series of services and associated with it port customs clearance. The port of Novorossiysk is characterized by a sequence of necessary formal customs operations that arise when cargo arrives at the port and when goods and goods are transported through lines of various customs borders. Any customs clearance involves the provision to the customs authorities of accompanying documents permitting the import or export of various goods and goods. Submission of customs declaration for goods subject to customs declaration, as well as payment of customs payments, allowing to pass the so-called “customs clearance.”

Customs clearance in Novorossiysk is the same integral procedure and condition, as well as simple any customs clearance, when you want to transfer the goods across the border or change the customs regime. It is worth paying some attention to the term “customs clearance”. This term is often applicable when the goods are imported, when it is imported. On the territory of the country, where the cargo is imported, including in the port of Novorossiysk, customs clearance is carried out, including a number of formalities and operations. Such an operation as customs clearance in Novorossiysk is best entrusted to professionals and does not worry that something will be done wrongly or with a failure to comply with the statutory deadlines, which in turn may entail a number of problems, losses and other unpleasant working moments of any procedure involving customs clearance.

For information: The words customs clearance, zatamozhka are slang words of specialists in this field, which are often used in a shortened form and they mean customs clearance.

Customs clearance services

The port of Novorossiysk will provide addresses of companies capable of providing professional assistance in preparing the necessary documents for successful customs clearance and filing a customs declaration on the basis of the contract. Such companies significantly facilitate the work of their clients and help in the time to draw up all the necessary documents, which in turn is the key to continuing the successful work of the client on the drawn up schedule or the planned work plan.

It is also worth paying special attention to filing a customs declaration. An important point to keep in mind is the deadline for filing a customs declaration. They can not exceed more than 15 days from the moment of the delivery of goods or vehicles or other goods to customs authorities. And cars entering the territory of the Russian Federation are declared within three hours after crossing the customs border of Russia.

The procedure for customs clearance of goods

The procedure for customs clearance of goods consists of the phased processing of the cargo being transported and is determined by the norms of the Customs Code of the Customs Union, federal laws of the Russian Federation and orders of the FCS of Russia, decisions of legislative bodies.

The procedure for customs clearance in the port of Novorossiysk consists of the following components:

  1. Verification of primary commercial documentation
  2. Creating a Customs Declaration
  3. Formalization of submitted documents
  4. Submission of customs declaration to the customs authorities
  5. Registration of the customs declaration
  6. Data Exchange with Customs
  7. Issuance of a customs declaration

Customs clearance services in Novorossiysk

The port of Novorossiysk is the responsible customs zone, where customs clearance is carried out every day. The port of Novorossiysk provides for the filing of a customs declaration and customs clearance. The customs clearance in Novorossiysk can be carried out by the owner of the goods, which is not the best solution in the absence of a huge amount of experience. It is better to entrust the procedure for issuing documents to specialists (brokers) daily and flawlessly conduct customs clearance in Novorossiysk. The port of Novorossiysk has such highly qualified specialists ready to make customs clearance and filing customs declarations, as well as accompanying the goods. These are organizations that specialize in helping customers to make customs clearance.

The company “Sapa Shipping” Ltd. provides services for customs clearance of goods and goods on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our experience gained by working with our company allows us to boldly and efficiently carry out the procedure of registration of goods in full. We have something to offer, and you have a reason to trust us.

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  5. Responsible attitude
  6. Individual approach
  7. Consulting support
  8. Cost and Risk Optimization
  9. The organization of the full range of services in the part of freight transportation

The company “Sapa Shipping” more than 9 years qualitatively provides customs clearance services in the port of Novorossiysk, for transportation by road, sea freight, container freight, customs transit and freight forwarding. When ordering any service, we constantly inform you about the condition of the goods and give free consultations.

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