International transportation

Modern business is not possible without international transportations associated with crossing state borders. In the whole world, one cannot find a state that could fully provide its industry and population with everything necessary. Therefore, import and export plays an important role in the life of any company or private entrepreneur. The process of moving products implies a clear organization of international transport, which is influenced by various factors:

  • route selection;
  • delivery method;
  • documentation;
  • additional services.

When organizing international cargo transportation, it is necessary to take into account the requirements and norms of the legislation, as well as the customs of the countries through which the cargo will be transported. Importing and exporting goods is a rather expensive process. You can reduce costs with the help of well-organized logistics.
International transportation is the main area of ​​activity of our company. Our specialists develop the best routes for cargo transportation and carry out customs clearance of the consignment. To organize the correct transportation of products, we work with all the necessary documentation and carry out a number of other works that allow us to quickly transport goods from one country to another.

International cargo transportation – main stages

International transportation of goods usually takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Customs clearance in the country of export. At this stage, a number of documents are being prepared, which are necessary for the export of goods from the country of origin. There must be all the necessary documentary evidence, licenses, certificates and other papers. At the end, an export declaration for the export of products is drawn up.
  2. Cross-border transportation. The cargo is placed in the selected vehicle, if necessary, it is additionally packed, sealed and fixed with special fasteners.
  3. Customs clearance in the country of import. Customs declarations are filled in, taxes are paid. Customs clearance can be handled by both the consignee and his representative – the broker.

We will undertake the organization of international transportation of goods and provide fast delivery of goods around the world. Our company offers international transportation of personal belongings, building materials, plant materials, animals, dangerous goods and other types of luggage. For urgent import or export, we provide express delivery. We transport all over the world and provide all related services at affordable rates.

International transport of dangerous goods

International transportation of dangerous goods is one of the most demanded areas of domestic business. A cargo is considered dangerous if its transportation carries a potential threat to the environment, property, health and life of people. The main industries in which hazardous substances are used include medicine, the production of chemical products, petroleum products, the defense industry, the agricultural sector, and so on.
Since the international transport of dangerous goods is always a big risk, it is necessary to comply with the established rules for the transportation, handling and storage of goods. Each case has its own international rules, depending on the type of vehicle and the hazard class of the transported products. For this, special markings are used.
The transportation of dangerous goods must be agreed upon in the route planning plan. Sometimes the trajectory is allowed to be changed and corrected. In this case, it is imperative to obtain the appropriate travel permits and, if necessary, provide additional documents.

International cargo transportation – types

For prompt and safe delivery of goods to any corner of the world, you need to choose the right transport. Our company offers the following types of transport for international freight transport:

  • Road transport. It is the most popular, it is characterized by mobility and accessibility. Allows you to transport different goods at any distance.
  • Railway transport. Safe and reliable, but rather slow method of transportation, allowing you to transport cargo of different sizes.
  • Marine vessels. An excellent option for the safe transportation of bulky goods over long distances. Not suitable for perishable goods.
  • Air transport. It is the fastest and safest delivery method.

You can learn more about each delivery method on our website. For the movement of goods around the world, air delivery or transportation by sea is most often used. Multimodal international cargo transportation is also possible, in which a combination of several types of vehicles is used.

International cargo transportation by Sapa Shipping

Our company has been providing international transportation around the world for many years. A team of experienced specialists has all the necessary knowledge and skills and is able to find a quick solution to any task. By contacting us, you will receive a number of advantages:

  • an individual approach to each client;
  • product safety at all stages of transportation;
  • own vehicle fleet;
  • preparation of the necessary accompanying documentation;
  • financial guarantees of delivery times;
  • possibility of express delivery;
  • Free professional consultation.

Carrying out international transportation of goods by the Sapa Shipping company, we guarantee a responsible approach and a comprehensive solution to the tasks in a short time and at an affordable cost. For each client, our specialists will find reliable and at the same time profitable solutions.

The company “Sapa Shipping” more than 10 years of quality provides services for container freight, transportation by road, sea freight, customs clearance, customs transit and freight forwarding. When ordering any service, we constantly inform you about the condition of the goods and give free consultations.

Container transportation in Novorossiysk is one of the most popular services provided by our company.

Many transport companies provide their customers with the opportunity to transport their goods and cargoes by container transport, but we provide our customers with a full range of container transport services and a number of related services, which makes us leaders in the market.

LLC “Sapa Shipping” – we are time-tested.

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